AY = Ancient Year (essentially B.C.)
CY = Common Year (essentially A.D.)
Current Year = 1113

A Brief History: Terramast was founded some time around 100 AY (Ancient Year) by Dwarves mining the mountains for platinum. As to be expected, the city became a center of trade among the civilized races. As the years went by, the platinum mines ran dry and the humans came to power. 721 CY years ago, Thull, a ruthless demi-god led a barbarian horde of roughly 1,000,000 Orcs and Humans to conquer the city. Though most or the horde perished in the battle, Thull eventually won the day. Thull ruled over Terramast for over 300 years, until a stalwart group of heroes seemingly destroyed Thull in 1056 CY. The vacuum of power has since led to the division of city wards, neighborhoods, and even city blocks, all at war with one another. In 1089 CY, a group of young heroes stumbled upon a piece of the extraordinarily powerful artifact: The Platinum Crown. It was not long after that, that the second piece was found. In 1090 CY Thull was reborn within the ‘deity possessed’ frame of ‘Cockroach’ Eddie, famed adventurer. With two pieces of the crown and reclaimed power, Thull had intended to conquer Terramast again.

The Platinum Crown A powerful artifact broken up into 3 parts: Diamondheart= control a Gold Dragon, Ragehand= control a red dragon, Dominantspirit= a controls a green Dragon. Currently stored deep within a Sphere of Annihilation Stored withing the Terramast Castle Vault.


Medieval city by geistig